IT Director, MedAltus, LLC (March 2007 - April 2014)

MedAltus (previously WWWEnterprise, Inc.) is an Internet Retail / eCommerce company, specializing in skin care / health & beauty products. Primary targets include Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Salons & Spas, Estheticians (Aestheticians), and most recently, direct-to-consumer for Product Manufacturers / Brands. Their flagship website is www.askderm.com.

My Most Important Accomplishments

  • Designed and implemented internal "Business Intelligence Tools" (BITs v3.0) for the purpose of; reporting and analyzing sales data, forecasting sales trends, keeping customer data up-to-date, synchronizing product and brand data, and several tools designed to increase overall productivity and business knowledge.
  • Designed and implemented the "My Skin Rewards" program. A "cash-back" program where customers can receive rewards from purchasing products, contests, refunds/returns, etc.
  • Moved hosting from outsourced 3rd party, and re-built the entire infrastructure from the ground up with all new hardware (web, database, dns, email) with redundant systems in NY and FL.
  • Improved customer retention, designed Customer Relationship System (CRS v1.0). A series of tools that automate customer correspondence, such as improved order receipts with up-sell sections, 30 day follow-up email, 60 day follow-up email, abandoned cart email, happy birthday emails, etc.
  • Increased email/newsletter ordering conversion rate by 40%
  • Increased overall sales by 55% in 2010
  • Increased overall sales by 40% in 2009
  • Increased overall sales by 15% in 2008 (1st full year w/ WWWEnterprise)
  • Increased the number of product reviews from 20/month to 350/month, and generally increased the overall customer interaction and on-site time.
  • Developed Partner Control Panel. Partners can build dynamic banners/widgets, download custom copy-n-paste code for banners or product details, edit their website in real-time using our custom-built Content Management System (CMS). The goal was to make it as easy as possible to display our products on external websites.
  • Implemented AJAX functions wherever possible to improve the customer / user experience. For example: "add to cart" without refreshing the page, real-time search suggestions, real-time error checking on order checkout screens.

Sites I Designed @ MedAltus

I designed hundreds of sites while at MedAltus, here are just a few.


  • Determine and execute overall technology (and business) goals of the company
  • Design and develop set of tools for business intelligence & better decision making
  • Manage vendor / service provider relationships
  • Increase online sales and grow the business
  • Manage relationships between partnering Brands & Physicians
  • Project management

Website development / eCommerce engine development

Skills: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, User Interface Design, Active Server Pages (Classic ASP, VBScript), VB.net, TSQL, eCommerce

  • Troubleshoot and fix any errors or bugs, reported by customers or staff
  • Monitor websites and eCommerce engine for outages
  • Monitor payment and tax systems (AvaTax, InstaPay)
  • Update existing eCommerce, static, brand websites as needed
  • Setup new eCommerce, static, brand websites as needed
    • Design & Code template
    • Incorporate template into eCommerce engine
    • Maintain the categories and products to display
  • Manage tracking and conversion codes from 3rd party tools such as Google Analytics
  • Manage 3rd party vendors (such as TrustPilot)
  • Design and develop new features as needed
  • Design and develop new marketing strategies as needed
  • Execute marketing strategies (send emails, banners, coupons, free shipping, etc)
  • Setup and maintain product feeds (Google, Bazaar Voice, misc 3rd party shopping engines)

Microsoft SQL Server

Skills: MS Windows Server 2003, MS SQL Server 2008, SSIS, TSQL, Stored Procedures, SQL Backups, SQL Monitoring, Performance tuning

  • Monitor all hardware and keep servers running at all times (2 co-lo locations)
  • Install OS and SQL Server updates as needed
  • Control and monitor user access to servers
  • Data maintenance and integrity checks and updates
  • Write queries to retrieve data and for use in development
  • Design SSIS systems to collect and report data
  • Monitor and verify backups - perform routine restore checks
  • Perform query tuning to ensure high availability and performance - re-build indexes as necessary
  • Import data from partners
  • Maintain and monitor maintenance plans and scheduled jobs
  • Monitor disc space and log file size - perform truncating as needed

eCommerce Dashboard @ MedAltus

Dashboard used to manage products, orders, promotions, and run sales reports.

General Website & Web Server Management

Skills: MS Windows Server 2003, IIS 7, IP Address Management, DNS, SSL, FTP, PCI Compliance, VBScript

  • Monitor all hardware and keep servers running at all times (2 co-lo locations)
  • Manage domain names with goDaddy (monitor auto-renew, manage name servers per domain, 2000+ domain names)
  • Manage and assign IP addresses (3 Class-C blocks)
  • Manage & Monitor FTP servers: Create new accounts, Assign access roles, Monitor for attacks
  • Manage & Monitor IIS
    • Create new websites
    • Assign IP addresses
    • Setup Host headers
    • Perform settings backups & restores
  • Manage DNS servers (2 servers): Create new DNS zones, Maintain current DNS zones
  • Manage SSL certificates (purchase, install, renew)
  • Install updates as needed
  • Control and monitor user access to servers
  • Maintain PCI compliance status

General Maintenance & Management

Skills: AvaTax, Business Intelligence Reporting, MS SQL Server 2008

  • Avatax system data cleanup and update (monthly)
  • Import physician sample list into SQL server - execute sample ordering system (weekly)
  • Design and develop client control panels
  • Push data between FMP and Web / SQL Servers (products, sales)

Customer / Email System Maintenance

Skills: MS SQL Server 2008, SSIS, VBScript, CDO

  • Reset last brand purchased
  • Re-calculate customer score
  • Import new customers from pop-up window prompts
  • Synchronize customer data between NY server and FL server
  • Data integrity checks and updates
  • Write complex queries to segment customers for marketing efforts
  • Unsubscribe customers based on hard-bounce and soft-bounce rules system
  • Monitor and report on recipients, open rate, and conversion rates
  • Constantly troubleshoot and improve email deliverable
  • Design and develop transactional / automated emails

Email server management

Skills: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Email server / IP address reputation, IceWarp Messaging Server 10.4, DNS, SMTP, VBScript

  • Monitor outgoing and incoming queue for attacks and relays
  • Install updates as needed
  • Monitor IP address reputation (5 static IPs): SenderScore, SenderBase, Watchguard, Spamhause, etc.
  • Manage & monitor feedback loops with major ISPs
  • Create and manage all domains and user accounts
  • Setup DNS entries as needed (MX, txt, other)
  • Monitor hard-drives, RAID system

FileMaker Pro (server and workstations)

Skills: FileMaker Pro 10/11, Mac Server OS, Mac OS X 10.8+

  • Design and manage databases, fields, and relationships
  • Design and manage layouts based on department specs
  • Manage data, cleanup, add/edit/delete records
  • Write scripts to lookup, manipulate, and extract data
  • General troubleshooting and bug fixing
  • Quarterly Inventory maintenance (pre and post inventory count from warehouse)
  • Yearly data cleanup, archiving, and maintenance
  • Monitor server, increase performance, and verify backups
  • Generate reports based on department specs
  • Ensure data integrity and best practices are met (product ID guidelines, website ID guidelines, HTML in descriptions, etc.)

Internal Network and Desktop Management

Skills: MS Windows 7+, VPN, Network Admin, Mac OS X 10.8+

  • Monitor fiber optic internet, troubleshoot any issues
  • Monitor routers, DHCP, troubleshoot any issues, maintain firewall and network security
  • Monitor apple wireless access points (2), install software updates as needed
  • Manage the VPN tunnel and remote desktop connections
  • Install updates as needed on both Mac & Windows workstations (15 mac, 2 windows)
  • Purchase and install software as needed
  • Primary Apps: Maintain FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Office on workstations
  • Run any necessary cables and patch through to switches
  • Manage 5 Netgear switches and maintain access to all systems
  • Setup new computers / hardware as needed
  • Make recommendations for new hardware as needed
  • Manage network IP addresses, both static and DHCP
  • Manage network printing
  • Manage network area storage device (NAS)
  • Manage ATT wireless hotspot device
  • Communicate with IT vendor as needed (Rocket IT)

VOIP Phone System Management: Allworx Server, backup workstation, phone handsets:

Skills: Allworx System 7.5+, Voice Over IP (VOIP)

  • Install phone server software updates as needed
  • Install phone handset software updates as needed
  • Monitor and verify backups
  • Setup new users, extensions, and handsets as needed
  • Monitor 5 phone lines, 1 fax line, 3 toll-free numbers

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