Islands of Dukes & Dragons (2000 - 2008)

Picture yourself in a world unlike any other before! Where you will explore new lands and gather an allegiance of followers that will fight to the death for you. Build a massive empire full of cathedrals, castles, ships, knights, magic and much more. Choose your race, each with their own unique qualities. But beware, and watch your borders because vicious dragons lurk around every corner and warfare is often a way of life. Forge alliances where you may, but even the strongest of alliances can crumble in the race for power. Only the strongest Dukes will endure the tests of strength, endurance, and time. Only one shall rise to be seated at the Kings Table, at the right hand of the all-powerful King himself!
Islands of Dukes & Dragons (IDD)
  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
  • I designed and developed the game from scratch using Classic ASP & SQL Server
  • Over 10,000 simultaneous active players at the game's most popular point
  • Turn-based strategy game with attacking, resource management, and diplomacy
  • Random dragon attacks to make the game more interesting
  • Gave away prizes and money to the winners of scheduled tournaments

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